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Life Finds A Way

Life Finds A Way


limited edition of 1,000

by Andreas von Buddenbrock


Wooden Frame

Andreas ink-based artwork has been seen in both solo- and group shows around the world and in a variety of mediums such as magazines, posters and books (including the “World’s Largest Coloring Book”, winner of Guinness World Records 2018). An avid lover of Hong Kong, his drawings portray both famous landmarks and other, more hidden spots located around the city. When he’s not working on his art, Andreas can be seen hiking around Hong Kong in search of new inspiration.


Limited Edition

All prints come with a certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by the artist, limited edition is a guarantee number of copies available worldwide produced by


Best Quality Print

All framing with passe-partout, a thin cardboard cutout to avoid the print from touching the protective acrylic sheet, to enhance visual appeals and endurance of the artworks