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City Legography - Choi Hung

City Legography - Choi Hung


limited edition of 1,000

by Ric Tse

Wooden Frame

Initiated in 2009, the Legography project was triggered by an occasion when Ric’s wife found a box of Lego blocks from her childhood. It was Ric’s first encounter with Lego when his wife handed these tiny blocks to him and an idea flashed at the time he picked up the small lego doll, “I can see the world from the perspective of these tiny blocks and add them to my daily photography work to create interesting pieces”. After that day, I have started to use Lego for creation.


Limited Edition

All prints come with a certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by the artist, limited edition is a guarantee number of copies available worldwide produced by


Best Quality Print

All framing with passe-partout, a thin cardboard cutout to avoid the print from touching the protective acrylic sheet, to enhance visual appeals and endurance of the art