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Sat, 07 Aug


S309 (Staunton) PMQ


A solo exhibition on photography by Ric Tse

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Time & Location

07 Aug 2021, 12:00 pm – 19 Aug 2021, 7:00 pm

S309 (Staunton) PMQ, PMQ - Staunton, Central, Hong Kong

About the event

關於展覽 / About Exhibition :

Legography計劃始於2009年。在一次偶然下我的太太翻出了一盒兒時的Lego積木, 她將這塊少少的積木遞給我時, 那是我人生第一次接觸Lego。當檢起一枚小人偶, 瞬間閃出一個念頭, 可以以這些小積木的角度去看這個世界, 再把它們加入我的日常攝影作品中, 應該會非常有趣。就這樣我便開始利用Lego進行創作至今。 Lego本身是一種世界語言, 不同國家、種族、膚色,語言、年齡的人, 相信大家對這些小積木都不會陌生。所以希望透過它們, 融入具香港特色的景物當中, 以此作為橋樑, 讓世界認識香港。

Initiated in 2009, the Legography project was triggered by an occasion when Ric’s wife found a box of Lego blocks from her childhood. It was Ric’s first encounter with Lego when his wife handed these tiny blocks to Ric and an idea flashed at the time he picked up the small lego doll, “I can see the world from the perspective of these tiny blocks and add them to my daily photography work to create interesting pieces”. After that day, I have started to use Lego for creation. Lego is a universal language. People of different nationalities, races, skin colors, languages, and ages, are familiar with these tiny blocks. I want to use it and blend it with Hong Kong’s scenery and local cultural stuffs to let the world know more about Hong Kong.

關於藝術家 / About the Artist :

謝其標 (Ric)本地自由身攝影師曾於多個本地及國際攝影比賽中得獎,當中13個為冠軍, 包括International Photography Awards, ND Awards, 「佳能攝影馬拉松」及「都市色彩」全球攝影大賽(香港區)。多年來致力從事創意及藝術攝影,作品系列包括「Legography」及「City Puzzle」,作品先後於社交媒體發表,吸引逾十萬人次轉載及瀏覽。曾先後舉辦3次個人攝影展, 出版著作包括「Photo Book: Ric Tse」及「樂高迷你劇場 - Legography x 香港美食」。

2020年,憑著作品《城市中的五線譜》,勇奪 Professional Fine-Art Collage 組別的首名,另外三幅作品《城市裡的積木》、《唐樓》及《在球場上》則獲榮譽獎,可謂成績斐然。 Ric常常覺得攝影人其中一個使命,就是用影像去記錄身邊的人和事。希望用相機,透過不同角度、不同手法、不同意念,好好記錄香港這個城市。

A freelance photographer in Hong Kong who won 13 champions in international and local photography competitions and numerous awards including the “International Photography Awards”, “ND Awards”, “Canon Photography Marathon” and “Urban Colors Global Photography Competition (Hong Kong)”. Over the years, Ric devotes making creative and artistic photography, his works include “Legography” and “City Puzzle” which attracted over 100,000 view and repost in the major social media platforms. Ric showcases in 3 solo photography exhibitions and his published works including “Photo Book: Ric Tse” and “Lego Mini Theater-Legography x Hong Kong Food”.

In 2020, Ric made an outstanding achievement by winning the champion in the Professional Fine-Art Collage featuring his publication "Musical Notation in the City" and three of his works “Building Blocks in the City”, “Tenement Building” and “On the Playground”, won the Honor Award. Ric believes the missions of a photographer is to use images to record every little thing around us and aspires to use his camera to record Hong Kong through his lens, techniques, and creativities.

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