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《The Songs of Nature》
《The Songs of Nature》

Fri, 03 Feb


S407 (Staunton) PMQ

《The Songs of Nature》

Amrita Tandon Solo Art Exhibition

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Time & Location

03 Feb 2023, 12:00 pm – 22 Feb 2023, 7:00 pm

S407 (Staunton) PMQ, PMQ - Staunton, Central, Hong Kong

About the event

關於展覽 / About Exhibition :

是次展覽創作靈感以大自然的微妙為主體。繪畫一些特徵以實踐藝術,分別建立在觀察、經驗、情感和感官回憶的基礎上,亦源於對自然世界的熱愛,讚嘆大地和海洋的美。 作品帶有隱喻性質,她希望通過每位觀眾獨有的閱歷以重新詮釋它們,賦予它們嶄新的意義。這些畫作是透過深入研究她人生旅程中的回憶、事件和地點而創作的。她描繪了讓人驚嘆的理想遠景,想像中空靈的世界,充斥了青春氣息、貝殼和沙子、魔法和星塵,這是一個讓人迷失自我、夢想中可到達的地方。

The inspiration and cornerstone guiding her artistic practice is the subtle expressive beauty of nature. The subjective and interpretive character of the paintings are fundamental to her art. These two series are built upon observations, experiences, emotions and sensory recollections, emerging from a heartfelt attachment and love for the natural world. They celebrate the beauty of land and sea. Her work is often metaphorical, rather than specifically representational. She wishes it to be reinterpreted through the unique stories of the viewers. These paintings are created by delving into remembrances, events and places which mark her continuing journey, each inspired by childhood memories, recalled feelings or momentary stops in her nomadic life. She portrays idealistic vistas that invite awe and wonder, imagined scapes of ethereal places, a world of youth and innocence, seashells and sand, magic and stardust—a place to lose oneself and dream of what may come.

關於藝術家 / About the Artist :

Amrita Tandon 是一位當代藝術畫家,她曾在印度各地、東京、都柏林、悉尼、新加坡和香港等充滿活力的城市生活過。長年累月的遊曆, 每一個城市都拓寬了她的創作視野。 她對自我要求很高, 所以喜歡不斷探索新事物及注重事情的細節,由從事多年的廣告行業中獲得不少體驗,並成功將自己的經歷轉化為全職創作藝術。 她的作品融合了回憶和沉思。她會透過拍照記下她感興趣的事物,任何事物都可能成為創作一幅新畫作的靈感。她繪畫的筆觸和配色代表她當刻的所思所想。通過探索自然和人類的不同,從強大到平凡,她選擇感知並傳達當刻的喜悅。其畫作能引起觀看的樂趣,並靜下來感受周遭事物與人的聯繫。

Amrita Tandon is a contemporary artist whose work is greatly influenced by her nomadic life. She has lived across the length and breadth of India and in vibrant cities like Tokyo, Dublin, Mumbai, Sydney, Singapore and now Hong Kong, each having expanded her creative horizon. Armed with exacting standards, creative exposure and attention to detail garnered from a career in advertising, she turned her skills to painting full-time. Her artworks incorporate memories and musings. She constantly photographs and jots down things that pique her interest. A phrase read, the cadence of rain or the scent of a woodfire wafting on the breeze may become the jumping-off point for a new painting. What she portrays and the palette she uses are a window into her mind. By exploring different aspects of nature and man, from the mighty to the mundane, she chooses to perceive and thus convey the elation and glory of existence. Her paintings are about the pleasure of seeing, as well as finding a place and moment of quietude and connection.

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