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Sat, 17 Sept


S407 (Staunton) PMQ


A solo exhibition on printmaking by Liz Mo Liz Mo 個人展覽

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Time & Location

17 Sept 2022, 12:00 pm – 11 Oct 2022, 7:00 pm

S407 (Staunton) PMQ, PMQ - Staunton, Central, Hong Kong

About the event

關於展覽 / About Exhibition :

古典藝術有著某種神聖的距離感,其獨一無二性和歷史性與現代機械複製生產的藝術處於兩極的對比。 書本使用工整而無暇的字型和格式敘述歷史,圖像的故事透過大量複製以及被字符簡化,從立體變為平面;相反,文字及符號是處理訊息的工具,通過編排被灌輸了意義,充盈了故事本身。 為呈現此種體驗,作品刻意地模仿印刷品,破舊的古畫圖像象徵久遠的歷史,以及古人觀看世界的方式; 電腦的數碼字體以統一格式和字型表述圖像,反映現今普遍的閱讀模式:機械複製生產方式使現代社會催生出一種生活習慣與追求─ 想要「消除距離感」的慾望。

Historically, works of art had an appearance of sacred force arising from their uniqueness and sensory experience of distance to the reader that set apart from reproducible art in modern age. Books as a product of reproduction, narrate history with unified font and format. By printing, works of arts (pictorial stories) are compressed into absolute flatness; characters and symbols, on the contrary, carry much more meaning to the story itself regardless they are computing tools that imitate the written form of a natural language. My works deliberately mimics prints. The worn images mirror a remote time of history and the way of seeing from the ancients; the carefully-placed computer characters reflect the way of receiving information today: mechanical reproduction has expedited a habit and desire of the modern society - to "eliminate the sense of distance".

關於藝術家 / About the Artist :

巫麗詩是香港藝術家,畢業自中國美術學院版畫系,後修讀香港中文大學藝術系文學碩士學位。 創作手法以版畫印刷結合圖像拆解再重組為主,並以此獨特的視覺語言加入個人對現代人的觀看和交流方式的觀察及探討。其作品曾展出於香港、中國、美國等地,並被中國美術學院及私人收藏。

Liz Mo is an artist based in Hong Kong. She graduated from Printmaking department in China Academy of Art, followed by a Master degree of Art in Fine Arts at Chinese University of Hong Kong. Liz’s practice of art is hugely impacted by the way of seeing in modern time and the misinterpretation in communication. With her study in printmaking, she refined her works by deconstructing and reconstructing images to create an unique visual language of hers. Her works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, China and the United States, and collected by the China Academy of Art and private collectors.

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