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The Nature possesses abundant energy, the “Qì” of life, like the Nature. Chan believes painting is a journey to purify her mind. The hustle and bustle of the city makes people breathless and lost. Through learning Chinese landscape painting, people can acquire the wisdom of life, release their pressures, accepting the ups and downs of everyday life, reset their minds and change the circumstances with a new attitude.

The creation of Chan’s painting goes with the flow of her mood and changes from time to time likes the unpredictable weather. Through different creative techniques and using of media, such as collages, plastic paints, and oil paintings, Chan’s painting exhibits the unpredictable expression of the mountain ranges, rivers, fog and clouds. Distinct from the traditional Chinese ink, Chan’s uses rich and vibrant colours which makes her landscape painting a unique style.

Non scape XV


Liz Mo

Mixed media on wood

15cm x 15cm

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