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The life-size dogs are vivid as if they are alive. A wide variety of dog breeds makes their own poses and expressions like a dog fair. Anyone may recognize that they give the first impression of being cute, pretty and adorable. As natural as the impression upon us may appear at first glance, but after further thought on it, it does not seem to me that it is not certainly natural. Being cute, pretty and adorable may be an arbitrary impression and response that human beings have. By means of dogs, the artist focuses his concern on the arbitrary impression and response of human beings and on reminding us of dogs' positions that might be left out of our consideration, and on restoring the distorted unilateral channel to an interactive channel of communication. Apparently, he takes dogs as subject matters of his works, but through the dogs, he really wants to talk about us human beings, our lives, our society and our existence. He feels like telling something about nature that is represented by the dogs, true relationship between human and nature, and eventually about us human beings.The teddy bear work is a story that started while preparing for a solo exhibition at a gallery in Seongbuk-dong in 2019. As I have been working on space installations due to environmental issues, I have been thinking about doing something trivial but looking into everyday life. Looking at the space surrounding me, I couldn’t leave out Typhoon a 9- year old stray dog. Currently the teddy bear that becomes the motif of Dauntless is Typhoon’s favorite doll. In meantime, he has given many dolls, but the only friend of Typhoon who is still in good condition is a teddy bear. Whether it be a person or animal, there is a target that they love, and through that target, they are comforted and gain strength to move forward. My journey to continue working is actually exhausting. I use the title, Standing Alone, with the hope that I must overcome the uncertain future and reality and move forward confidently.

Beagle, 2023


Joo Hoo Sik

Korean Paper Casting, Korean ink

45x45x2 cm

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