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Zue Chan

“Every painting is a page of diary recording my tributes to the nature”

Zue Chan graduated from Stage Production and Scenery at the Hong  Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). In 2016, Chan learnt from Lien  Jui-Fen to further develop her contemporary ink painting techniques and  completed the ink painting diploma of the School of Continuing  Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2020. 

During her study in the HKAPA, Chan was impressed by the painting  sets of a Cantonese opera, depicting the Chinese stone chairs,  pavilions, props, which arouse her interests in contemporary ink  painting. Experiencing on the visual effects on stages and Chan was  inspired to use different media and material from both Chinese painting  and western painting to start her exploration to use oil painting  material and the “Tsun” technique from Chinese painting to paint the  Chinese landscape and cloud resulting a more satisfactory when dealing  with stone textures.

Zue Chan
Zue Chan

Perhaps under the cultural influence of the stage production  “Demolition of the Chaos at the Night”, Chan lament the short life of  each stage painting. But because of this unchangeable destiny, she  gradually let go of her obsessions, and instead enjoyed the fun of  painting more and went through a process of self-healing one after  another.

Nature possesses abundant energy, the “Qì”  of life, just like nature. To Zue Chan, painting is a journey to purify  her mind.  The hustle and bustle of the city makes people breathless and  lose themself.  Zue believes that through the learning of the Chinese  landscape painting, people can learn to the wisdom of life and release  the pressure of the everyday life, accepting the ups and downs of life,  reset their minds and change the circumstances with a new attitude.

陳巧倩(Zue Chan),畢業於香港演藝學院舞台制作繪景系。2016年曾到台灣跟現代水墨畫家連瑞芬老師學習現代水墨技法和2020年修畢香港中文大學持續進修學院水墨畫文憑。作品大多為現代水墨創作。在學習衆多中西繪畫媒介後,發現利用油畫處理雲霧和水墨畫的皴法處理石頭紋理效果更滿意,於是便探索如何把中與西方的元素合二為一。而繪畫主題多於探索「我」與大自然的關係。陳巧倩的作畫過程都會先隨心為畫作打底,就似大自然是變幻莫測,透過不同創作手法和媒介呈現當下大自然不可預測的形態和山水雲霧,如拼貼,塑膠彩,油畫。陳巧倩著色豐富鮮豔,有別於傳統水墨畫的色調,以此成為獨特個人風格。


Artwork by

Zue Chan

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