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Yung Yee Kwan

"I have a strong conviction that we are all creators — that we were all created to create"

Lives and works in Hong Kong. Kwan concentrates on digital drawing based mixed media creations and focuses on researching the transition of ink spirit in current situation. Her works are mixture of digital drawing and traditional hand painted drawing, to create spiritual sceneries responding her life in God.

“I am created to create.”

I have a strong conviction that we are all creators — that we were all created to create. The Bible literarily starts off saying that God created. Every time I draw and create artwork, I am worshipping an eternal artist.

Femininity is one of the key creative elements of Kwan’s painting.  Kwan’s artworks express the finest sentiment of intense feminine and she wants to explore the characteristics of female, the delicate, gentle and sensitive, and shows the audience the gentle and perseverance of female.

Kwan Yung Yee
Kwan Yung Yee

Kwan Yung Yee shares her 3 series in ubudeco, “The Place of Calling”, “Vessels” and “Song of Songs”.

“The Place of Calling”

A series of 6 artworks applying the concept of free perspective in traditional Chinese Painting is a homage to the unique narrative nature of the Chinese painting hand scroll.  The 6 artworks are read from right to left and the girls figures guide the viewpoint of the audience to present the story of the girls on a journey from the arid and wilderness to the secret garden. It echoes the religious believe of Kwan’s eagerness for salvation and to have an abundant life.


A mixed media artwork series on digital painting and hand painted collage. It combines the images of vase, pottery and scenery to reflect innermost feeling and thought about life when Kwan facing the atmosphere of desperate and emotional during the unrest in 2019, Hong Kong . Kwan express her anxiety, bitterness and despair to reveal the weakness of humanity in the “Vessel” series.  She realises the fragility, vicious and dark of the human nature but she also believes that there is a beautiful flower in the deepest end of the heart undevastated and longing for the salvation.

“Song of Songs”

A digital painting series based on the tradition painting style of the “portrait of a Beauty” and “the painting of flowers and birds” in the Qing Dynasty to depict the image of female in love using the digital painting technique.  Song of Songs is a chapter from the Bible which reveal the exquisite and endearing of love. The key elements of this series are flowers and female. The painting depicts a scene of a bride is waiting for her beloved in the garden and open the lavish garden for her beloved to enjoy, share and grow. This series focuses on the beauty of female in love in romantic and poetic expression.

Artwork by

Yung Yee Kwan

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