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Sindy Yeung

"This is about the imaginary world of an inner child, and also the growth journey of an adult."

Sindy is a Hong Kong artist. She has loved art since childhood but was educated in traditional way and never thought she could create. As she grew up, she gradually put aside art. In 2019, Sindy left her project management job to explore about life. She felt so lost until picking up the paintbrush again. This time, she decided not to follow any rules but her inner voice to create. Her art journey began. 

Sindy mainly paints with acrylic. Her art style leans towards abstract, but also comes with surrealistic elements. Instead of depicting an “object”, Sindy aims to present a vibe and share herself, such as her faith, aspirations and struggles. Since mid-2022, Sindy has focused on “My Wonderland” and “Leaving the Wonderland” series. They are a peek into Sindy’s imaginary world, whimsical yet echoing the challenges and ups and downs in the reality, hoping to resonate with the viewers. 

Artwork by

Sindy Yeung

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