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Ric Tse

"I can see the world from the perspective of these tiny blocks and add them to my daily photography work to create interesting pieces"

Ric Tse (Tse Ki Piu) is a Hong Kong based photographer who has won numerous photography competitions with 13 champions, including International Photography Awards (IPA), ND Awards, Canon Photomarathon and Metro Photo Challenge (Hong Kong). He works on creative and fine art photography. He had have 3 solo photo exhibitions and published 2 books.

自由身攝影師。曾於多個本地及國際攝影比賽中得獎,當中13個為冠軍,包括International Photography Awards, ND Awards, 「佳能攝影馬拉松」及「都市色彩」全球攝影大賽(香港區)。多年來致力從事創意及藝術攝影,作品系列包括「Legography」及「City Puzzle」,作品先後於社交媒體發表,吸引逾十萬人次轉載及瀏覽。曾先後舉辦3次個人攝影展, 出版著作包括「Photo Book: Ric Tse」及「樂高迷你劇場 - Legography x 香港美食」。

Ric Tse
Ric Tse

Hong Kong, the city that I born and bred, is full of vitality and ever-changing.

Building blocks, a toy that I love to playing with, are full of colors and with infinite possibilities.

These two things seemingly irrelevant to each other, but they have many similarities.

So I try to use Lego to merge in with Hong Kong's iconic sceneries and food.

Legography is born.




我想: 將香港具特色的人、事、景、物,結合積木,展現出來,會是如何?



Artwork by

Ric Tse

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