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Reni Haymond

RReni Haymond hold Master’s Degree holder of Visual Arts in Hong Kong Baptist University, BSc (Hons) Degree holder of Multimedia and Entertainment Technology in Leeds Beckett University. Art exchange in Zurich University of Arts.

The first ball pen artist in Asia who love to use drawing lines and colours to satirize the trend. Explore different possibility and push the common tool (ball pen) into extraordinary level in recent art work. Year 2022 “Beyond Future Art Prize ”one of the top 18 nominee. Exhibitions presented in Year 2017 “Taiwan, Japan Art Project Vol.2”, Year 2016 & 2015 “Taipei Free Art Fair”, Year 2015 “New Art Wave” and Year 2014 top 10 nominee of “Hong Kong Fine Art Prize”.

Art works were presented in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland and China.


作品曾入選Art Central、Affordable Art Fair、Beyond Future Art Prize(18優)、台日藝術博覽會、台北藝術 ,由日、新藝潮藝術家獎、香港當代藝術獎(10優)。


Reni Haymond
Reni Haymond

Awakening in the Darkness

From the inside out, you can see every world in your subconscious.

How long does it take to understand that people can see the light in a dark place, or do they know it but choose to ignore it?

From sunrise to sunset, everyone is working hard, complaining about others as a daily routine. They also keep repeating the same mistakes in their life.

Stop worrying about others, try to open your mind, endure the pain. And learn to behave oneself, you will realize that life could be chosen.

Awakening in the Darkness





Artwork by

Reni Haymond

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