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"Seek a world of nothingness without human negative emotions."

As civilization develops, human emotions such as selfishness, desire, hate, and anger become more complex and subdivided. In primitive environments, animals instinctively harmed the lives of other individuals only to sustain their own lives, but as they become more civilized, they threaten the lives of others due to selfishness and desire, as well as plants and animals that eat to sustain life. Human greed leads to the destruction of the world's peace and the destruction of the world's peace by human greed, which leads to conflicts between groups, groups, and even conflicts between ideas and ideologies. There is always a sense of crisis that can lead to ruin.

The basic structure of meditation that I have come across is that ‘man is composed of body and mind, and if we get rid of the body and mind, we reach the truth.’ Various emotions are embedded in the human body, such as worry about the forehead, anxiety about the eyes, dissatisfaction with the human body, and desire for the tongue and genitals. If I close my eyes and imagine that my body and mind are gone, we are connected as one in an empty space.

In my work, I also dismantle the body and express my mind in the shape and color I want, making the process of meditation into ‘fragments of emotion’.

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