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"I paint feelings. We all know what is ‘feelings’, it is very real, but is it?"

I always believe that art is for capturing the ambiguousness in life as the truth is found in the unknown. As a sentimental girl, I feel things deeply in everyday-life and art is a way out for me to express all my feelings and connect with the others.

Most of my artwork is in abstract form as it illustrates my feelings in a very authentic way. I have all these pain and love in me that I need to express to relief myself from holding all the feelings within.


As a Hong Kong citizen that lives under a lot of pressure, I imagine a lot of us are suffering from hiding all these emotions inside and not letting them out. I hope that through my paintings, audience can find a sense of calmness, resonance and ease the heaviness away from the heart. Almost like how I felt when I was painting. I feel more certain and peaceful when I let myself express without holding back. This is why I love to paint, it allows us to express however we want and there is no right and wrong in art.

The use of colours in my artwork represents how I was at that particular moment in my life, it is like a diary as I expose the inner side of me fully in my paintings.

Welcome to my world, please feel my paintings.

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