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Ling Ng

"I treasure my eyes which bring me to see the world in different perspective"

Hello, This is Ling from Hong Kong. I love drawing very much when I was little. I graduated from design institution as well. When I was three, my eyes had an operation for esotropia problem. However, my eyes cannot work perfectly after that. I have the difficulties on true depth perception. It affects my sketching skill naturally. The proportion on drawing is less accurate. I was frustrated and lack of confidence in my adolescence.

One day, my art teacher taught me a new drawing method, “Continuous line drawing”. It’s about developing a picture with single unbroken line. It’s a good practice to train up the hand-eye coordination and observation skill. This method made me understand aesthetics with alternative perceptive. I was learning to draw the picture with spirit alike, rather than the accuracy.

Nowadays, I appreciate my unique artworks because of my special eyes. I treasure my eyes which bring me to see the world in different perspective. I believe that Art can heal people. It helps me to be a confident and mature person. I wish my artworks can give people some inspirations through my life experience and perspective. On the other hand, people can gain the little happiness in their daily life as well. Life can be “Fruity” by choice.

by Ling NG

Ling Ng
Ling Ng

Ling shares 5 series of artwork in ubudeco, “Revealing in dark”, “The future ball”, “Dive into the freedom”, “Coffee Smell in local Wet Market in Hong Kong” and “Love yourself”.

Revailing in dark

From 2019 till now, life in Hong Kong is chaotic. Darkness covers my city. I strive to keep stillness and peaceful everyday. My way to focus on the light source, bear in mind on my belief and goal. Then I figure out my map and keep on moving forward. Who knows the future?

The future ball

Future ball means you can make everything under control, included your emotion and thoughts.

Dive into the freedom

Blue is sky. Blue is the sea. You was a bird. You was a fish. You can go whatever you want. But bird cannot dive into sea. Fish cannot fly on the sky. What is freedom? Free your mind.

Coffee Smell in local wet market in Hong Kong

I love visiting wet market during traveling every time. The wet market represents the cultures of tradition, food and human activities. Many stories happen there. It seems like coffee shop. Coffee is a connection between humans. Therefore, we can feel warm from drinking coffee. On the other hand, the color of coffee can present the vintage feeling.

As I am coffee-holic, I would love drawing the Hong Kong local wet markets by using coffee liquid on my papers. I drew the artworks and did exhibitions for Government project in Nov 2018.

In order to let public to appreciate more, I did the copies of the artworks which are showing here.

Love youself

When I got divorced, the first thing I learnt is loving myself and taking good care of myself. At that moment, I started to do workout in order to keep healthy and strengthened my perseverance. Body is my partner forever. I cannot ignore its need. I am grateful for its effort everyday.

Artwork by

Ling Ng

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