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Liao YuAn

"It is a story of struggle within our minds and our everyday realities and in our relationships."




Liao Yuan born in Taipei in 1979 and won the "Taipei Arts Award" in 2003, Liao Yu-An is a promising young artist in contemporary art. The making of his art is a deeply personal one, and the theme of alienation and isolation is beautifully described in his artworks. Liao has set about making art that begans as a voyage of self-exploration and self-discovery and is now a comment on the society in which he lives. He made for himself a theater of possibilities that has embraced deeply personal moments of his life and his insecurities, as well as some astute observation on the society in which he finds himself as a young artist. The initial impression of Liao's art is that it is humorous and that it is clearly informed by animation art, cartoons, and caricature, as well as a juxtaposition of geometries: the precision of colored horizontal and vertical lines for background and a random rolling line for figuration. It is a story of struggle within our minds and our everyday realities and in our relationships that will continue to repeat itself in an endless theater of possibilities.

Artwork by

Liao YuAn

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