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Li Hsin Chen

"uses her brushstroke illustrates the vast seascape and the magnificent sky and expresses the admiration to the nature"

Artists devotes to pursue the contrasts between shadows and light. Li Hsin’s painting mingles the Chinese flower and bird paintings with the Western techniques of to “shadows and light”. Her brushstrokes express a deep sense of warmth and sentiment characterised with smooth, delicate, fresh and bright colors which forms poetic scenes that touched her audience.

The existence of light is accentuate in her oil paintings and pastels. Li Hsin uses light perceptually to create her own style. Classical techniques combined with the technique of stacking and accumulating colors are used in Chen’s oil painting, layers of oil dyed presenting the transparency of the underlying color, which depicts a coherence and varied layers of colors. Chen’s soft pastels use a combination of the charcoal sketching skills learnt in her early age to sculpt the extreme details and the coarse brushstroke color blocks that creates brilliant scenery naturally and smoothly.

Seascape and architecture are the themes frequently seen in Li Hsin’s painting. The Renaissance deified people; Romanticism deified the landscape. Li Hsin loves and admiration of the nature can be seen in her creation of landscape paintings. Her brushstroke illustrates the vast seascape and the magnificent sky, also depicts the glimmering light interspersed in the dusky starry night.

Li Hsin Chen
Li Hsin Chen

Li Hsin shares her series of 12 pastel paintings in

  • The twilight over the ocean, Philippines

  • The ocean glows, Philippines

  • The glimmering ocean in the early morning, Philippines

  • Colours of the ocean’s myth, Philippines

  • The ocean and the legend, Philippines

  • The ocean breeze at dawn, Philippines

  • The Philippines ocean staring at my breakfast

  • The ocean and the black cat, Philippines

  • The splendid sunset over the ocean, Philippines

  • The ocean in dusky overcast, Philippines

  • Sound of the Waves, Philippines

  • Afterglow, Philippines

Artwork by

Li Hsin Chen

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