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Kilias Hung

"I am a travel writer and photographer from Hong Kong who devotes to explore the world and record the beauty of the nature"


Kilias Hung, a travel writer and photographer from Hong Kong, who had his footsteps around the world over 120 countries from Antarctica to the Arctic. Kilias loves to take photographs as chronicle of his journeys and records the memorable life moments in the form of vision. These journeys give Kilias chances to reveal his heart of hearts.

Kilias Hung
Kilias Hung

Kilias is fond of taking photographs of natural landscape and wildlife owing to his passion and love of the nature. In contrast to the fast pacing city life, he cherishes his time being part of the nature which heal and refresh his soul. Kilias like hiking and his tracks can be found everywhere from different parts of cities to the wild. Recently, he set foot in several ultramarathon which give Kilias chances to reach the hidden places with stunning scenery in extreme environment which are inaccessible by ordinary transportation.

Kilias published the book《非常宅男 跑超馬遊世界》in 2019 to documents his journeys to explore the world and his experience in completing the toughest ultramarathon.

Kilias Hung will donate all profits from the sale in to support Blessvision Foundation and Christian Zheng Sheng Association.

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Kilias Hung

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