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Kenneth Wong

"Pour your heart in what you do and you will succeed"

Kenneth has worked in the creative industry for over 20 years and dedicated his talents in international corporations, design studios and agencies.

Kenneth 在創意行業工作了 20 多年,將他的才華奉獻給不同的國際機構,設計工作室和廣告公司。

His work reflects his passion for vibrant colors inspired by contemporary urban art and pop culture. As a child, Kenneth loved drawing by taking ideas from cartoon characters and comic books. He continues to seek his inspiration after growing up and keeps his work to the trend.

他的作品反映了對鮮豔色彩的熱情,受現代城市藝術和流行文化而有所啟發。年幼時,Kenneth 喜歡從卡通人物和漫畫中汲取靈感來繪畫。成長後,他繼續尋求不同的靈感來源,對每項工作都保持新鮮感,緊貼市場潮流。

He believes that creativity is more than a skill in the industry.Creativity is an essential instrument in life that helps to define what surrounds us and leads us to connect with the environmental, understand more who we are.


The most favorite animal of Kenneth is horse. When the horses race fiercely towards their goals, it is similar to people pursuing their dreams by sparing no effort. Life is a long journey. No matter what life gives you, we will continue on with our journey without fear.


Artwork by

Kenneth Wong

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