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Gaby Teresa

“creates art pieces to entertain people and make their day when people see it”

Gaby Teresa is an illustrator and designer from Jakarta, Indonesia, but now based in Hong Kong. She enjoys working with different media including digital and traditional. Although nowadays her main body of work is cute and colorful vector illustrations. She loves creating art pieces that entertain people and she hopes to make their day when they see her work. She also has a passion for food and beverages (especially coffee), which is the recurring theme of her work.

You can follow her work on Instagram at gabyteresart and her portfolio website

Gaby Teresa
Gaby Teresa


Runner-up for 2020 Global Peace Motion Graphics Competition arranged by Sunhak Peace Prize

Previously held exhibition:

NextGenHK, 3-12 December 2020 at House Studio in Soho House Hong Kong

Previous publication:

DISCOVERY, Cathay Pacific in-flight magazine, April 2019 edition

In the article The Spice Islands: A Tale of Empires, Enterprise and Envyand editor’s letters page

Artwork by

Gaby Teresa

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