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Daniel Shin

"Life is a series of scenes that lead to countless emotions and relationships."

I was curious about the meaning of living since I was young. Why do we have to live and why don't we die. What life is and what it means to live with people. I always had doubts about my life even though I had neither lived in a dark life nor lived superior to others. I wanted to talk about life and emotions, so I tried to find out my curiosity through pictures.

Inspired by pattern fabrics, I started working. As the check pattern intersects vertically and horizontally, different colors intersect, and looking closely at this textile technology, I thought it looked like the world we lived in. Countless strands create lines and faces, within which each strand is a very important factor. There are forms of visual repetitive patterns, but I also use patterns of behavior as a pattern. I would like to convey the meaning by emphasizing what I want to say through repetitive actions.

Artwork by

Daniel Shin

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