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Carrie Dellinnocenti

"Carrie's artworks reflect our social culture from time to time."

My journey of art literally started when my father gave me an exquisite painting album of Musee du Loure as a gift from his business trip to Paris. This album inspired me to request my parents for a formal training of drawing and painting techniques. I started to learn formal drawing and painting with an Art College teacher at the age of 6. In my childhood, she taught me so much, starting from sketch, watercolor, crayon and poster color, to the traditional Chinese watercolor painting and calligraphy which all of these technique and experience not only allowed my imagination going freely as a young child but also equipping me with a wider technical palette to become a well-around artist in the future.

I have never had the courage to make a change until I met my husband Gregory. He is a faithful follower of "Carp Diem". In life, he always values and appreciates my talent and motivates me to discover many possibilities of art by applying a variety of techniques. For my current and upcoming projects, he encouraged me to try new material, tools, technologies and Chinese traditional skill in new projects, so that my artworks could improvise and evolve with time and culture. My recent artworks combine with digital and pop elements. They reflect our social culture from time to time. The artworks are bright in color and sarcastic in implication. Having been an educator in the past, it is more important to inspire student's mentality than purely teaching them knowledge nowadays. "Carp Diem" is a Latin quote to remind us to live at the present moment. However, we live in a world now is filled with materialistic and social influence. In my paintings, I would like to deliver an important message and inspire audience to contemplate those issues in our daily lives.

Artwork by

Carrie Dellinnocenti

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