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Alison Hui

"Art making is a way to embrace the uncertainties"

Alison Hui is a Hong-Kong based contemporary artist, urban sketcher and doodler, who renders her city-inspired observation in vivid and delightful details with vibrant colours on paper.

Alison is a city observer, with her passion to explore interesting details and objects in different cities around the world, she uses lines, watercolour, markers to record and express her interpretation of city landscape in her artworks. A hidden message is planted among lines and colours to create the mysterious message to the audience.

Her creativity is the result of the observations from her daily life and from city adventures . She is an author of 2 illustration books: Embrace the Uncertainties (2016) & Explore Hong Kong Taste (2019).

Alison Hui
Alison Hui

Alison shares 3 artwork series in ubudeco.

1 . City Vein Lines – Leipzig. I ( 7 pieces )

Modern Citizens are seeking a high degree of mobility, while a proper housing is still the ideal shelter for everyone. Each building contains its history and style, buildings become a layer of protecting skin to human beings, also form the city vein lines connecting the unsettling flesh in the ever changing Leipzig cityscapes.

This is a series inspired by the observation of the cityscapes, during the Pilotenkueche Artist Residency in Leipzig. The artworks were being shown in the first exhibition “Reset Unsettling Flesh Layers”, Oct 2019.

2. City Hats Lines – Leipzig (6 pieces)

A series with humor to interpret the city architectures of Leipzig. Through the city adventure of the artist, she depicts some gentlemen with different styles of “hats” standing in the city ( with a smile ).

The series makes use of vibrant pink and yellow colour to create a playful vision to view the classic European architectures in a child-like imaginative way of seeing.

3. A Glance of Hong Kong Architecture. I (6 pieces)

A collection of architectural sketches completed in Hong Kong during the city adventure in the past 5 years. Through the record of buildings built in different periods in the city, the artist creates an imaginative journey of Hong Kong with her lines and colours. Audience can have a glance of the colonial taste to the modern design in this international city being influenced by the mixed cultures from the east & west.

Artwork by

Alison Hui

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