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Brad Gunn

Brad Gunn

Exploring the human condition through surreal characters.

Exploring the human condition through surreal characters.

Brad Gunn - AAF Sydney 2024

Brad Gunn is a sculptor working in a range of contemporary materials and techniques. Balancing a professional sculpture and fabrication business with his own personal practice he has worked for an array of private and commercial clients. His studio practice is often figurative and explores intimate psychologies and social structures through an ever shifting cultural landscape. The pieces can take on the form of detailed surreal characters or simpler abstract forms.  

Most work is made using moulding and casting techniques learned over 20 years of experience and are made using resins and gypsums cements. Each piece is hand sculpted in oil clay for weeks or months before the moulding process begins. 


Brad completed a Bachelors Degree at the Victorian College of Arts and has since exhibited in solo and group show both in Australia and overseas establishing himself as an artist and maker in Melbourne. 

Flopsy Large (pink_white)

70x45x25 cm, Resin, synthetic fibres

Flummox (green)

35x60x30 cm, Resin, synthetic fibres


47x25x18, Resin, synthetic fibres

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